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Take Care of Plumbing Problems Quickly in Truckee, CA

Hire us for plumbing repair

Don't try to handle leaking pipes or clogged drains on your own. Plumbing repair isn't always as simple as it seems. Homeowners in Truckee, CA count on Alpine Plumbing for professional plumbing repair. Our team will pinpoint your plumbing issue and resolve it in no time. You won't have to worry about water damage or plumbing system damage when you hire us.

We can service or repair your bathroom fixtures, water heaters and even your gas lines. Call 530-563-8067 now to find out what our Truckee, CA team can do for you.

5 signs you need drain cleaning services

You can ask us for drain cleaning services, too. You might need drain cleaning services if...

  1. You have standing water in your sink
  2. Your sink drains very slowly
  3. You're having issues with fruit flies
  4. Your sink smells unpleasant
  5. Your sink is making strange noises

We'll get your sink drain clean and clear easily.